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Blooming Houseplants to Grow Indoors

Cactus potting soil is not suitable for them and there may be changes according to the species. Bromeliads do not stand direct light and thrive well in dappled shade. Poinsettia,gardenia and orchids, such as Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis are all ideal for warm rooms. Orchids such as Cymbidium will also tolerate cooler positions out of full sun in a north- or east-facing room. When cared for correctly, these plants can be passed down from generation to generation. Each year, they will be larger and covered in even more blossoms.

Central heating is very drying to Bloeiende kamerplanten that, more often than not, come from humid, tropical parts of the world. There are several ways in which you can make your home a haven for houseplants. Who does not want a relaxed vacation atmosphere in your own home? The hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) will enrich any room with its exciting South Seas flair. The houseplant, which is Hawaii’s national flower, draws all eyes with its radiant large flowers and is always the focal point of any room. Although hibiscus is a little more demanding in terms of care and requires a lot of water and nutrients, it rewards us with its magnificent flowers from April to October.

African violets cannot tolerate direct light, except early in the morning and late in the evening and for short periods. African violets can bring a vibrant colors and playful shapes to dimly lit corners of your home. You can remove segments; actually, if you want to revive your plant, it will give you a hand with its segments.

Plus, caring for them is therapeutic, and evidence also suggests that keeping plants indoors may improve the quality of the air inside, according to Healthline. Gloxinias prefer warm temperatures, evenly moist soil and high humidity . As with African violets, it’s important to keep water off of the foliage to avoid brown spot. Too much light will burn its leaves, however, it will grow in rather dark conditions, but its bloom will be reduced. The contrast of the dark, deep green leaves and white spathes adds to the architectural beauty of this houseplant.

Peace lilies are toxic to pets, so avoid bringing one home if you have curious cats and dogs, or keep it well out of their reach. Low-maintenance, silver vase plant makes a great flowering houseplant. Its minimal requirements include bright light and periodic watering (every 2-3 weeks).

Being a jungle plant, the Calathea crocata prefers some extra humidity. You can set the pot on a pebble tray full of water to add humidity to the plant to keep it happy. Read my article on growing Calathea crocata to learn how to keep these wonderful blooms looking stunning. Also known as the eternal flame plant, the Calathea crocata bears beautiful yellow-orange blossoms that resemble a flame. Multiple blooms stand tall overtop of stiff green leaves, making for a striking plant that requires little care. They don’t like to sit in water, but they do like slightly moist soil that does not dry out completely.

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