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How Can CBD Help Us Achieve Our Health Goals?

What is CBD Lube for health? Many people have not heard of CBD. But this natural substance may be just what we need to fight our ever increasing problem with chronic pain and other ailments. For example, CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, which is grown in many places throughout the world.

It’s a non-drowsy, all-natural substance with no harmful psychoactivity. However, it has been found to be effective in reducing inflammation, especially in people with diseases like Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis and degenerative eye disorders. Research indicates that it may also work as an alternative to stronger pain killers, including ibuprofen, and may have some anti-inflammatory qualities. It has been used for years in Europe for treating muscle spasms and other neurological disorders.

In recent years, there has been a number of medical trials involving CBD and various ailments. For example, one study comparing CBD with ibuprofen was found to be very successful in reducing the pain associated with a traumatic brain injury. The reduction in inflammation helped the patient to retain some function in their lives, even as the injury healed. Other ongoing studies are investigating whether or not CBD is helpful in dealing with brain injury, epilepsy and other chronic pain syndromes.

But what about CBD for health and pain? Some of the earliest research on CBD comes from an Australian university, who have been investigating whether CBD can make the pain of a stroke less painful. The study found that stroke patients given CBD before they suffered the stroke showed improvements in pain and improved functioning. However, the principal drawback of this particular study was that none of the participants who took CBD were able to drink alcohol, which could have also influenced the results.

Another long term study looking at CBD and health was begun at the University of Florida. This time, a number of older adults who suffer form arthritis and needed help with depression were included. These were all diagnosed with chronic inflammation, and CBD was found to reduce both the depression and the inflammatory response associated with both conditions. While these results are preliminary, it does raise the question as to whether or not CBD may help lessen the pain and suffering associated with both conditions. The ongoing study is also examining CBD’s ability to treat different types of anxiety, including social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If CBD can reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, how can we determine whether or not it will also work in the treatment of cancer? Is CBD effective in treating cancer? Most likely, CBD will not work directly on the cancerous cells, but it will likely have a positive effect on the patient’s normal nervous system, allowing the patient to fight off the symptoms of both disorders. As previously mentioned, no current research has examined CBD and cancer specifically, but many believe that CBD may ease the side effects and discomfort of chemotherapy as well as the discomfort and pain caused by some forms of radiation therapy. While CBD may not cure cancer outright, it is believed to enhance the overall body’s defenses, allowing patients to live longer and achieve better outcomes from their cancer treatments.

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