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Skip Bin Hire Prices

If the skip will be placed on council land, such as a public road, you will normally require a skip hire permit. If you are able to place the skip on your own property or other privately owned lands, you will not require a skip permit. Skip hire permits are issued by local councils, and different councils charge varying fees to obtain a permit, often ranging from £15 to more than £60. As skip hire permits are normally obtained from the council by your skip hire company, they can often be included within the skip hire prices you are quoted. We provide you with both home and business rubbish collection services. Our services are highly affordable compared to any others in or around Croydon.

A permit on a residential street in Manchester could cost £15. However, the cost may be £51 in Glasgow and up to £70 in Surrey. It will cost between £200 and £250 to hire this type of skip, and you can expect it to cost around £275 in London. Going hand-in-hand with almost any household renovation, a skip is probably high on your list of needs when undertaking large works at home.

Usually the facility will be located at the landfill, waste transfer station or works depot. Toxic and hazardous wastes can be very harmful to humans and animals, so it is important that you make sure your provider accepts these types of waste. If you hire a skip, it is also your responsibility to know what has been thrown in. You may be charged additional fees if your skip is found to contain prohibited items and waste that requires specialist disposal.

To properly dispose of such material, you must do it at a recycling facility. In the majority of the cases, the waste electrical firms will also provide you with instructions on how to properly dispose of such products. This is the smallest bin available, and it is best suited for light and compact waste items generated during bathroom or kitchen remodelling projects as well as garden clean-ups.

Skip hire Sussex – 16 cubic yards (12.23 cubic metres) Capable of holding 160 bin liners of waste.This is the largest size of skip we offer before a roll on/ off container is required. Similar to the slightly smaller versions, these can be used for large amounts of bulky items but cannot be used for very dense materials such as soil and rubble. Please note that we don’t provide mini skips to some postcodes. Skip hire Sussex – 40 cubic yards (30.58 cubic metres) Can hold the equivalent of 400 bin liners – These are the largest containers that we offer.

Expect the prices for this type of skip to vary across the country. Our mini skip hire offers a surprisingly robust option that’s perfect for house and garden clearances. We need to be notified of any hazardous waste you intend to place in the skip such as asbestos and lead based paint tins

You can put anything in your skip, except hazardous waste. If you have any questions about skip hire prices, please get in touch, or for exact pricing details, please request a quote. Longer hire periods can also result in increased skip permit costs.

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